Modern Headshot / Male
Headshots on location and in studio with Lori Patrick worldwide.
Modern Headshot / Female
Headshots on location and in studio with Lori Patrick worldwide.
Soul Portrait Sessions
Soul Portrait is an ongoing project looking inside a woman's being and state of grace. She may be in a state of joy, reflective, sexy, sorrowful, confident. She is mostly all of these and changes can come in an instant. She is strong and love is her breath of life. I celebrate all of her in this series.
Male Portrait Design
"I leave you my portrait so that you will have my presence all the days and nights that I am away from you". _Frida Kahlo
Female Portrait Design
Female Portraiture Portfolio
Julie / Modern Beauty
The Modern Beauty line in my studio for everyday women. I captured fine art, headshots, glamour looks and others with lovely Julie.
Ariana / Modern Beauty
The Modern Beauty line in my studio for everyday women. This shoot was photographed in Brooklyn with Ariana.
Lauren / Modern Beauty
The Modern Beauty line in my studio for everyday women. This shoot was photographed in Hollywood. The creator in me had to capture some frames in the deep B&W, heavily contrasted Old Hollywood style. I captured headshots, glamour looks and others with lovely Lauren.
Olga / Modern Beauty
The Modern Beauty line in my studio for everyday women. This shoot was photographed in Brooklyn with the always vivacious Olga.
Amanda / Modern Headshot
Destination portrait session with Amanda in France for her business branding materials.
Rebecca / Modern Headshot
A modern headshot session in LasVegas with Rebecca for her overall branding. I photographed 2 looks for her.
Neal / Modern Headshot
These headshots were produced for Neal's upcoming novel of short stories along with promotional material.
Andy / Modern Headshot
Andy is a life coach / mentor and needed some images to add text to for cover images on his social media and site. Find him at
JL / Modern Headshot
An actor headshot session.
Kim / Modern Headshot
A modern headshot session with Kim for her branding overhaul.
Sheena / Modern Headshot
Artist head shots photographed at Lark Manor : Philadelphia
Rev. Tony / Modern Headshot
Headshot portrait selections for Rev. Tony Talavera to be utilized for his famous French Quarter Wedding Chapel in New Orleans.
Jessica / Modern Headshot
A 15 minute shoot in my favorite styling of light, contrast, finish work and beauty.
Becca / Look № 1
A test shoot for Becca's modeling portfolio & my Lightroom portrait designer preset package as well as education slides.
Becca / Look № 2
A modern twist on an 80's vibe. Test shoot for Becca's modeling portfolio.
Remy in Philadelphia
When the face is the sultry message, the body plays a small part in the story. A collection of B&W images featuring Remy Fontaine.
Creatives & Characters : The Reliquarian Project 2014
These images represent people involved in the development of the story of the Reliquarian. This is the alchemist series.
The Piano Woman / Photo Story
Sometimes as a photographer I find opportunities to preserve the life of an object through a silent photo essay. The piano was offered up for a hauling company to take her away. I captured it's essence when learning about it. A vintage gown was chosen to be the centerpiece, wildflowers picked from the roadside and beautiful Becca was my only choice to create the character. She waits and dreams for her lover to return in a time when amusement consisted of the simple things in life. A piano was luxury and time spent on the bench of one led to deep thought and searching. She watches the sea for her soldier. She longs for the day he shows his sail in the water, until then... The Piano Woman ©2014
Turning Away From A Dream
Turning Away from a Dream (short pictorial story) with model Remy Fontaine
Back To Innocence
Back to Innocence. Pictorial story featuring Ashley Nicole.
Julia : Timeless Wonder
We collaborated a project in a park to make images as a photographer, model H&MU artist union working individually. I made mine in a outdoor set mostly.
She Waits.
Nikki came to me with an inspiration image of Lana Del Ray with a blue rose. We created a shoot around it and came up with a short pictorial story. Stories don't always have happy endings.
She Dreams In Full Color
Jessica Drake created a Mad Photographers Tea Party set. When we finished her story, I photographed her independently for one of mine. Styled by Jessica. Direction by LP The wonderful Anjani Millet joined our tea party.
Daydream Believer
A whimsical fairytale at Lark Manor with model Ashley Nicole.
RaVon Skelli
We collaborated a project in a park to make images as a photographer, model H&MU artist union working individually. I made mine in a outdoor set.
Modeling portfolio work
Alyssa in Seattle
Alyssa Cave shoot in Seattle WA USA
Briana & Natalie in Seattle
Simple shoot with a little lifestyle.
Self Portrait is an art form that has been practiced through the ages. In my fiftieth year I started this project in exploration of my roots, past and future. I will write a book on the subject in 2014 featuring photographers from around the globe.
A Location Scout : Abandoned Church
These images reflect a scout for a location to produce an image for my upcoming book featuring self portrait artists. It will be titled The Forgotten Bride and will be a short photo story of 7 images. I am working on wardrobe at this time and will shoot it in late March 2014.
The Forgotten Bride 2014 iPortrait
They say that life imitates art. At times art imitates life. Songwriters will convey experience in songs as an example. A trust is built upon words and actions feeling so genuine at the time that one may fall in love with a smile coming from the heart and knowing that it is real. Anticipation for what you believed, felt secure of, an understanding that you now realize the power of love. Sometimes trust fails you, the pieces fall all the while learning the fickle nature of another's beautiful words. This story is a reflection from the artist's past experience told through her own lens with self portraits. Just a bad dream lasting for years only to be overcome with an understanding that love comes from within and is exposed with encounters of nature and persons. The peace that comes from knowing it was really a gift after all.
Wintertime Series 2014 iPortrait
A short pictorial of a girl that seeks adventure on a very cold winters day. This was a self portrait series. Photographed in Pennsylvania.
Vintage Wonder
Capturing a child at the age of discovery is a portrait that is to be remembered and framed.
Once Upon A Flower
The discovery is that a child captured and preserved at this precious age is a timeless value to all lives surrounding them.
A spin on childrens portraits as they are, unique and individual.
Fly Away
Lifestyle children's session featuring glitter.
5th Ave at 58th St ©2015
I have come to the windows at Bergdorf Goodman for my sixth consecutive year to photograph my personal view of the ladies that play the visual centerpiece of David Hoey and his teams imaginations. This years theme was titled "Brilliant Holiday" in collaboration with Swarovski. 7 million crystals were arranged in this installation. It was colorful and happy. Such a delight to view the inspired themes again. Within this link, you will find full views of the windows expertly photographed by Ricky Zehavi
5th Ave at 58th St ©2014
On my 5th consecutive year of photographing from a through the lens perspective of the ladies gracing the windows. It's the "Inspired" year at Bergdorf Goodman. Another stunning display of fashion and artistry.
5th Ave at 58th St ©2013
On my 4th year photographing the holiday windows featured at Bergdorf Goodman I look for the details in the displays to feature as a prominent view to be enjoyed long after the windows are put away.
5th Ave at 58th St ©2012
Yearly project Bergdorf Goodman Winter Windows in Shades of Gray For a related story by Lauren Picciano and larger window views
5th Ave at 58th St ©2011
Yearly project Bergdorf Goodman Winter Windows 2011 For a related story on the BG blog and larger window views
5th Ave at 58th St ©2010
Yearly project Bergdorf Goodman Winter Windows 2010 For a related story on the BG blog, behind the scenes video and larger window views.
Joe Cocker / Rest in Peace
Scott Weiland / Rest in Peace
A tribute of my images from 2012 of Scott Weiland in performance with Stone Temple Pilots
STP ©2012
STP plays the Sands Steel Stage in Bethlehem PA
ZZ Top ©2015
ZZ Top plays Musikfest in 2015.
Nita Strauss ©2014
Nita Strauss is lead guitarist for the Alice Cooper tour 2014.
Alice In Chains ©2015
Alice in Chains plays Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA 2015
Alice Cooper ©2014
Alice Cooper plays at the Allentown Fairgrounds in a performance to be remembered. The players in his band are the perfect selections for his energy and charisma. I don't often photograph all the players but they bring it, dress the part and I could not get enough of capturing the moment.
Natalie Stovall ©2014
Natalie Stovall & the Drive play the Treasure Lake Ski Lodge for Musicfest 2014
Counting Crows ©2010
Counting Crows played Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA on their Traveling Circus & Medicine Show tour 2010.
Musicians Live Portfolio
A portfolio of musicians in live performance.
Huey Lewis ©2012
Huey Lewis plays Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA
Daughtry ©2012
Daughtry plays Musikfest in 2012 on Sands Steel Stage. Bethlehem PA
GooGoo Dolls play Musikfest ©2012
Performance at Musikfest in Bethlehem Pa on the Sands Steel stage. Shot on assignment with Valley Social Magazine.
Rush ©2010
Rush plays Allentown, PA Time Machine Tour 2010
Deep Purple ©2007
Deep Purple plays Musikfest with Ian Gillian
Gin Blossoms ©2014
The Gin Blossoms play the Ski Lodge headlining for Musicfest on their Summerland Tour 2014 Lead Vocal : Robin Wilson Guitar : Scotty Johnson Guitar : Jesse Valenzuela Drummer : Scott Hessel Bass Guitar : Bill Leen
Jethro Tull ©2008
Jethro Tull plays Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. Ian Anderson.
Doobie Brothers ©2010
Doobie Brothers plays Riverplace stage in Bethlehem, PA
Them Blues : The Female Collection
Capturing moments of female blues artists for various resources.
Them Blues : The Male Collection
Capturing moments of Male blues artists for various resources.
Ana Popovic ©2012 / 2011
Ongoing image capture for Ana's website promotion of live performance photographs. There are three of my images on her site.
Samantha Fish / Promo ©2012
Short portrait session 15 minutes combined with live performance for web and promo usage for Samantha.
Scythian ©2015
Scythian plays Musikfest 2015
Anthony Gomes ©2012
Modern Blues legend Anthony Gomes plays the Ski Lodge.
The many faces of Victor Wainwright
Victor Wainwright plays the Treasure Lake Ski Lodge . A blues show that always gets the juke jumpin'.
Chandler Travis Philharmonic ©2009
A Godfrey Daniels show in Bethlehem PA : Chandler Travis Philharmonic
BetaWolf ©2012
Beta Wolf plays Musikfest opening for GooGooDolls
The Glimmer Twins ©2014
The Glimmer Twins : a Rolling Stones Tribute Band play the Treasure Lake Ski Lodge. Frontmen Keith Call (Mick) and Bernie Bollendorf (Keith) with their ensemble band rock the Stones like no other.
Andrew Jr Boy Jones / Musician Promo
Some images from our promotion sessions. Live and portraits for Andrews 2013 tour which resulted in his new album cover.
Street Musicians in B&W
Crossing paths with eccentric or incredible musicians performing in the streets for tips. This project is all about their spirit and smiles they bring to the passerby.
Quinn Lemley / Burlesque ©2015
Quinn Lemley and her troupe perform Burlesque to Broadway at Miller Symphony Hall
Theatrical Headshots
A portfolio of performance in character headshots that are utilized as prints in the theater's atrium for patron viewing.
Theater Portfolio
A collection of images from theater scenes of individual actors.
Theater : Beauty & The Beast ©2014
A captured performance of Beauty & The Beast at DCC theater stage.
Theater : As You Like It ... Shakespeare ©2014
The lobby card images for the production of "As You Like It" at Reitz Theater. ©2014 Lori Patrick
Theater : 9 to 5 ©2013
Performance of the musical 9 to 5
Little Women / Theater Headshots
Headshots for the performance Little Women at Reitz Theater. These were printed and hung in the entry parlor.
Cameras From Another Time
A collection of vintage cameras as I find them. Ongoing project. There will be a part 2 of B&W versions soon.
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