Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows
This is a year of celebrations. As an individual artist I have come to the windows at Bergdorf Goodman for my fifth consecutive year to photograph my personal view of the ladies that play the visual centerpiece of David Hoey and his teams imaginations. This years theme was titled "Inspired" and features a view of the art world via catergory. The interpretaions and craftsmanship are worthy of the title as these grand displays once again delight the mind. The mannequins are highly styled in clothing and accessories by the most prestigious designers every year. I chose in celebration to tone each window view in B&W (always my favorite)and another in color giving more perspective from my eye and the story I wish to tell. Soon, I will create a video from the 5 year files. 
Within this link, you will find full views of the windows expertly photographed by Ricky Zehavi and more of the behind the scenes story.