I am immersed in the idea of creating images that make individuals shine.                         Whether in performance, in art, in love, in business, in beauty portraits for women . 

I can't help myself not finding one focus in photography since life shows many expressions and capturing them is a great deal of satisfaction to my being. And so, you will see my work in several areas of imagination here, especially storytelling.

I consider myself a detail shooter in most areas. Isolating a smaller area of a person or subject for higher impact or mystery. Especially with performance and still objects.

My decision to work in the realm of photography education includes a hands on, interactive approach and dialogue with students.
My grandfather was a portrait photographer as well, it's in my bloodline. A pocket camera with 110 film was put in my hands at age 10 and evolving to the digital age and even iphone styles still keeps my curiosity for this artistic outlet intact and imagining my next photograph to make.
 "I want to make a portrait with you, as your legacy is a timeless gift to those you love. This is my passion and life's work".   -lori patrick

My Grandfather posing for self portrait.
His Ciro-flex circa late 30's and 40's