I am OVER THE MOON! Here is my next speaking engagement. Such an honor to be on this roster for the B&H Photo Depth Of Field Conference be held at The New Yorker Hotel February 11 and 12, 2020. I am teaching 3 classes. Two on Concert Photography (the nuts and bolts) Plus, my Intentional Headshot class. Whoa!!! The conference will stream live around the world and be saved to watch on YT or on the B&H website. Hoping some of my peeps will come to the event to support me and have a great time learning from industry giants. I mean, Mick Rock Seriously!!! One of my heroes. Watch Shot on Netflix to see why. See you somewhere! Reserve at B&H PHOTO to join the audience or LIVESTREAM#BHDoF Photos below are from the B&H website. The man on lower right shown on the Depth of Field splash page was a headshot I made in CUBA during my cultural / headshot classes.
Art of the Headshot Class at B&H Photo / January 29, 2020