"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty 
and irresistable for the rest of your life"
Coco Chanel

I began these at fifty.
Before the Flood... The day this image was made turned out to be a flood where it was taken only an hour later 
in the town of Treasure Lake, DuBois PA 2013
Finding My Way...
This image was a tough one. I came to the location expecting hanging ice formations and they didnt show up. It was 30 degrees and my battery on the wireless remote failed. I had to go to the camera and trip the shutter that was on a 20 second self timer and scurry back to position on the ice, 25 feet away. My strobe didnt feel like cooperating with the timer and focusing was next to impossible. This was my final pick. Many photographers place themselves into scenarios like this from their desk utilizing PS. I prefer to suffer for the art of making the image, walking in 4 foot snow banks to get to the tunnel was part of it. It's the story I love. 2014

Spider Trap...
This edition was made after I was bit by a brown recluse in the spring 2013. I held a 103 degree fever for 3 days,
 was still holding it here. 2013
I made this image to use for gravatars for web use. Dark and moody is a style I love to work with. 2013
Wintertime Series 2014 / Some more... http://bit.ly/1bO7UQJ
Made with a crinkled plastic bag over the lens. 2013
Rock & Roll 2014
A Reason Why ... 2014
From the pictorial series Butterfly Awakening 2017
I see you ... 2014
Self Portrait of a Nikon ... 2013
From the pictorial story The Forgotten Bride 2014
From the pictorial story The Forgotten Bride 2014
Fathers Eyes ... 2013
Rain Cleanse... Image before the flood started in 2013 Treasure Lake. 2013
The Cage ... 2013
Mannequins ... 2013
Veiled Rays ... 2013
Wallflower ... 2013

Behind the Mask ... 2013
Backstage Pass... In my live music work I found this mirror behind the stage at an outdoor venue (Ski Lodge)for the performers. Love the spots on and it was even crooked, just had to grab an image. 2013
In Flight to Seattle ... 2014
Once Lost ... 2013
Papparazzi 1500s ... 2011