"I think glamour all the time. 
I wake up in the morning and I'm already thinking glamour" 
"I waited a lifetime to visit the beautiful city of Venice. The trip was a gift to myself in every way. Having Lori photograph me as we discovered this amazing city together was an experience like no other. Something about the location shooting made me feel so at ease, so free to explore facets of myself as a lone traveler abroad in this foreign landscape. The act of being photographed created this experience in a way that simply traveling and sight-seeing could not. There were depths to myself that needed to be reached and reveled in, doing so has changed me, I recognized my bravery and my innate beauty. I can see this in the images Lori captured, and when I look at them, I remember again" _Robin
In my Portrait of Beauty division, destination shoots are available. 
This is Robin while we explored the canals and alleyways of Venice, Italy.